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Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that allows you to connect to various sources of data, analyse them, and create interactive reports and dashboards. Power BI can help the fashion industry to transform their operations and meet the customer demands by providing them with actionable insights into their performance, inventory, customers, employees, and competitors.

We are a Power BI Consultancy for Fashion Brands who want to take control of their data.

We provide the following:

Features of Power BI that are useful for the Fashion Industry

Data connectors:

Power BI can connect to hundreds of data sources, such as SQL Server, Azure, Google Analytics, Excel and more. This allows fashion companies to access and combine data from various platforms and systems. This could include ERP, point of sale or financial systems giving them a holistic view of their business.


Power BI can create stunning and interactive dashboards that display key metrics and indicators for sales, planning and business financials. This allows fashion companies to customize and share their dashboards with their teams and stakeholders, and access them from any device.


Power BI can generate detailed and insightful reports that drill down into the data and reveal the underlying patterns and trends. Fashion companies can use reports to answer specific questions, explore scenarios, and compare outcomes. They can also apply filters, slicers, and bookmarks to their reports to focus on the relevant data.

Semantic models:

Power BI can build semantic models (datasets) that define the relationships and calculations among the data elements. Semantic models enable retailers to create consistent and accurate measures and calculations across their data sources, and use them in their dashboards and reports.


Power BI can answer natural language queries from the users, and provide visual and textual responses. Q&A allows fashion companies to ask questions about their data in their own words, and get instant answers without writing any code or formula

Benefits of Power BI for the Fashion Industry

Faster and better decision making:

Power BI can help fashion brands make data-driven decisions in real time, based on the latest and most accurate information. Power BI can also provide predictive analytics and what-if scenarios, to help fashion brands anticipate future outcomes and plan accordingly.

Review Marketing Strategies

Leveraging data analytics, fashion companies can tailor marketing efforts to specific customer segments. Power BI dashboards can present insights from customer behaviour, preferences, and demographics guide personalized marketing campaigns.

Precise Production Planning

Power BI enables fashion brands to analyse understand customer demand more accurately. By analysing historical sales data, browsing patterns, and social media trends, brands can produce the right products in optimal quantities. Produce too many and the excess stock may need to be reduced and in turn lower the value of the brand

Our Retail Experience

Simon Harrison ACMA our founder has decades of experience in retail

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10 years at Sports Direct, starting as a finance manager. Promoted through to the senior management team as the Head of Operational Finance and Analytics. Working with board members to deliver strategic financial planning for Sales, Margins, Inventory cover. Responsible for the alignment of departmental budgets to the headline company budgets

Simon built a team of analysts, based upon a core skillset of either commercial finance or technical analytics. His role included the leadership of the team of analysts across the business, with representation within functional departments including Buying, Merchandising, E-Commerce, Marketing, and Finance. Fostering knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.
The aim was to drive confident decision-making as widely as possible, by becoming a data-driven organisation. 

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