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Case Studies, examples and illustrations of some of our recent projects


Improving Data Infrastructure with a data warehouse

Revolution Beauty is a leading cosmetics company that faced a challenge with its data infrastructure.

The core of the business reporting was being served directly from their Netsuite SAAS platform

As a result it was clunky and slow to update. It required specialist skills to service the reporting requirements. Quite simply Revolution Beauty has out grown this approach

The existing data structures lacked the flexibility required to help to drive the business forward. The company was looking for a more targeted approach to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

Revolution Beauty commissioned Select Distinct to help to build out their data warehouse.

Revolutionising Business Intelligence

Revolution Beauty

Power BI Security

Controlling access to sensitive data

Select Distinct were appointed to provide consultancy for a large digital marketing company

The company wanted to restrict access to information based on the roles of the users

We demonstrated how access can be controlled both within their SQL environment and within Power BI reports using row level security

The client was quickly able to adapt their environment to ensure that sensitive data was kept secure

Power BI Security Case Study

Power BI Security

Power BI Coaching

Supporting and upskilling in house teams

Select Distinct provided remote support for a client within the social care sector

The client had a base level of skill in house and needed to be able to call upon expertise on a flexible basis to help their team overcome some of the complexities they faced

They were migrating reporting from Excel to Power BI and needed a light touch remote and flexible resource to support them when things got complicated

We provided the client with a regular contact over a number of weeks. The client brought all of their challenges to the call and we helped them solve those challenges in real time, cost effectively via teams calls

The client in house team learned a great deal from trying, getting stuck and then being shown a solution. With our help they have a higher level of ability and confidence to tackle more challenges on their own

Social Care Power BI Coaching

Power BI Coaching