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We provide a service-led solution for marketing and advertising companies who want to take control of their data.

This results in:

Improved business performance and understanding

Confident decision-making from reliable data

Turning your marketing and advertising company's data into insights and actions

Not Just another marketing agency

At Select Distinct we are not a marketing agency, but we do help our clients to make better marketing decisions by empowering them to bring the data and the skills in house

We support the marketing teams in a broad range of businesses, and have worked with Marketing and advertising agencies to help them better use of their own data


Empowering your teams by giving them access to work with data that is normally locked away from them can really help to get to those valuable insights

Having control of your data means that you can use it how you need to. Enriching it with your own classifications and meaning



Why does the marketing and advertising industry need Data Analytics Consultancy?

  • To make informed decisions from customer behaviour
  • To forecast properly and keep track of trends
  • To improve both performance and productivity

Marketing Analytics Data Sources


Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Your CRM 

Enriching this data with your own customer and sales data can really help you to segment and understand your customers

Marketing Data Warehousing

Integrating these data sources into your own data warehouse can help you take control of the data and get that complete customer view

Great platforms for this data warehousing are Google Big Query and Microsoft Azure

Finding Insights in your marketing data with BI tools

Enabling self service data exploration with user accessible tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Looker Studio (Was Google Data Studio), can really help you see the fruits of your marketing efforts.

Notable Clients in Marketing and Advertising

Rawards 4 Racing LogoRewards4Racing is an award-winning loyalty program in British racing that allows you to save money on your raceday experiences.




Linney Logo

Linney is a world-class, multichannel marketing services group. Their expertise spans various areas, including print managementfulfillment, and design


Why choose Select Distinct as your Data Expert?

  • We’re service led, rather than product-led
  • Registered Management Accounting practice, with broader expertise
  • We specialise in Database Management for businesses wanting to get the most from their management accounting and analytics
  • We work directly with your employees to upskill your team