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We provide a service-led solution for the food industry who want to take control of their data.

This results in:

Improved business performance and understanding

Confident decision-making from reliable data

Turning your manufacturing company’s data into insights and actions

Data Analytics for Streamlined Production

Benefits of Data Analytics for Food Production

Improve Your Efficiency

Whilst data rich with KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) for all areas of your operation and supply chain. How do we turn this data to improve your efficiency and reduce your operational costs. Which of your waste streams should be tackled 1st? Which will be the biggest driver of your OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) ? How do you select and monitor improvement projects? Which will improve your cost per a unit?

Understand Your Supply Chain

Understanding the overall flow of raw materials to customer delivery is a daunting one, especially with short shelf life products. Data analytics will help you review lead times, batch sizes to optimise your delivery and costs. Is a just in time system possible? Can you build an effective Kanban System? What is the optimum batch size? What assets would benefit from an effective SMED project?

Reduce Waste

Data analytics can help you focus on improving your yields and reducing your waste. Understand where you most value wastes are, are these from packaging or ingredients. Where in the supply chain do you need to focus? What requires your project resource?

Analyse Asset Performance

Data analytics can help you review you current and future assets performance. Analyse you current maintenance and redundancy availability can drive efficiency and costs. Gathering data for future capital and revenue projects all hinges on having good quality data and analysis.

Workforce Understanding

Understanding the workforce is key. What are the skill gaps, what is the outlook on future recruitment, ad what will improve retention. Advanced analytics can help you put plans in place to set you up for the future.

Why choose Select Distinct as your Data Expert?

Our experience in Food Production

 David Laws Principal Consultant

David Laws has 6 years experience in Food Production

David studied Engineering, Science and Technology at Loughborough University and then continued to study and gain vocational consultancy experience at the University of Cambridge on the Advanced Course of Design Manufacture and Management. David’s early career was mainly in Leadership roles in FMCG manufacturing company’s. These roles focussed on days and shift management of teams in the production of food, drink and pharmaceuticals.

British Sugar

These roles involved responsibility for the short term and long term targets and strategy, as well as managing the day to day operation of teams of 30 to 120 staff. This involved interaction across the businesses in order to meet the and develop the departments KPI’s. 

During this time David was involved in numerous performance improvement projects. David used his technical and project management skills to drive process improvements in large organisations including Britvic and Kerry Foods. These projects included day to day implementation of continuous improvements methodology’s, as well as major engineering capital projects, labour saving and quality improvements. 

Crystal Specialist Finance

David transitioned into data analysis and MI reporting roles. His initial role was supporting the retail and dental departments in 3M with their Excel point of sale (POS) reporting. To improve performance data availability and department performance saw him learn and develop ETL and database software skills. Data was presented in Office 2013 (the prequel to Power BI), allowing detailed analysis of POS as well as manufactured gate sales.

David has since worked ingesting data, turning this into actionable insights and improving business performance. These contract roles have seen him supporting in cross section of industries, including Energy, FinTech and casual dining.  

Since moving to Select Distinct in 2022  David has worked with a number of clients across a range of industries.