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We provide a service-led solution for transportation companies who want to take control of their data.

This results in:

Data Analytics for the Transport industry

Benefits of Data Analytics for Transportation

Optimization of Routes and Schedules

Advanced analytics can help in analysing traffic patterns, weather conditions, and demand trends to optimize routes and schedules. This reduces travel times, saves fuel, and improves service reliability.

Fleet Management:

Data analytics enables more efficient management of transport fleets by monitoring vehicle health, predicting maintenance needs, and optimizing fuel usage. This helps in reducing operational costs and prolonging the lifespan of vehicles.

Safety Enhancements

By analyzing data on past incidents, near-misses, and vehicle performance, the industry can identify potential safety hazards and implement measures to prevent accidents. Predictive analytics can also play a crucial role in foreseeing and mitigating risks.

Improved Customer Experience

Data analytics can provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing for personalized services, dynamic pricing, and improved customer communication. This enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Competitive Advantage

Organizations that effectively utilize data analytics can gain a competitive edge by offering better, more efficient, and tailored services, often at lower costs.

Why choose Select Distinct as your Data Expert?

Our experience in Transport

 David Laws Principal Consultant

David Laws has worked with fleet management and logistics

David studied Engineering, Science and Technology at Loughborough University with a placement year at British Sugar’s engineering project team. He then continued to study and gain vocational consultancy experience at the University of Cambridge on the Advanced Course of Design Manufacture and Management. 

David’s early career was mainly in Leadership roles in FMCG manufacturing company’s. These roles focussed on days and shift management of operational and engineering teams in the production of food, drink and pharmaceuticals. This involved planning and scheduling of maintenance, capital and improvement activities.


During this time David was involved in numerous projects. David used his technical and project management skills to drive process improvements in large organisations including Boots, Kerry Foods and Catalent. These projects included day to day implementation of continuous improvements methodology’s, as well as major engineering capital projects, labour saving and quality improvements. 


David transitioned into data analysis and MI reporting roles. His initial role was supporting 3M with their Excel point of sale (POS) reporting. This role saw him learn and develop ETL and database software skills as well as presenting data in Excel 2013 (the prequel to Power BI). David then moved to contract roles which saw him develop reporting in a cross section of industries, including Energy, FinTech and casual dining.  

David build on his skills ands moved into data engineering roles. These has seen him worked ingesting, integrating and migrating data for several organisations. This has seen him gain knowledge of the data architecture to supplement his reporting skills.

Since moving to Select Distinct in 2022  David has worked with a number of clients across a range of industries. This has included projects involving fleet management monitoring.