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Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that allows you to connect to various sources of data, analyse them, and create interactive reports and dashboards. Power BI can help wholesalers to transform their operations and meet the customer demands by providing them with actionable insights into their performance, inventory, customers, employees, and competitors.

We are a Power BI Consultancy for wholesaler companies who want to take control of their data.

We provide the following:

Features of Power BI that are useful for Wholesalers

Data connectors:

Power BI can connect to hundreds of data sources, such as SQL Server, Azure, Google Analytics, Excel and more. This allows wholesalers to analyse data from their business, such as ERP systems, vehicle tracking systems and freight management,. This integration allows companies to optimize stock levels, pricing and market trends.

Enhanced Data Visualization:

Power BI allows wholesalers to create interactive reports and dashboards that provide real-time insights into sales performance, inventory levels, customer behavior, and market trends. These visualizations can make complex data more understandable and actionable.

Collaboration and Reporting

Power BI’s cloud-based nature facilitates easy sharing of reports and dashboards among team members, regardless of their location. This improves collaboration and ensures that everyone is working with the latest information.

Semantic models:

Power BI can build semantic models (datasets) that define the relationships and calculations among the data elements. Semantic models enable transport companies to create consistent and accurate measures and calculations across their data sources, and use them in their dashboards and reports.


Power BI can answer natural language queries from the users, and provide visual and textual responses. Q&A allows transport companies to ask questions about their data in their own words, and get instant answers without writing any code or formula

Benefits of Power BI for Wholesalers

Better Supplier Management:

Analysing supplier performance, lead times, and pricing data in Power BI can help wholesalers negotiate better terms, identify alternative suppliers, and minimize risks associated with supply chain disruptions.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Insights into customer buying behaviour and preferences can help wholesalers tailor their offerings, improve service levels, and build stronger relationships with their retail partners. This can lead to increased loyalty and sales.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Power BI’s ability to analyse large volumes of data from various sources can help wholesalers identify emerging market trends and opportunities. This includes new product categories, geographic markets, or customer segments.

Streamlined Operations

By integrating data from various sources, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, and supply chain management software, Power BI can help wholesalers streamline operations and improve efficiency across their business


Our Wholesale Experience

Simon Harrison ACMA our founder has decades of experience in wholesale

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10 years at Sports Direct, starting as a finance manager. Promoted through to the senior management team as the Head of Operational Finance and Analytics. Working with board members to deliver strategic financial planning for Sales, Margins, Inventory cover. Responsible for the alignment of departmental budgets to the headline company budgets

Simon built a team of analysts, based upon a core skillset of either commercial finance or technical analytics. His role included the leadership of the team of analysts across the business, with representation within functional departments including Buying, Merchandising, E-Commerce, Marketing, and Finance. Fostering knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.
The aim was to drive confident decision-making as widely as possible, by becoming a data-driven organisation. 

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Simon began his career at Wm Morrisons Supermarkets, starting as a student working part time and then pursuing a career in Finance. Simon spent 10 years in Senior Management heading up finance in a £300m food manufacturing subsidiary. With responsibilities for systems implementation of finance and ERP systems

Coming from a shop floor background Simon used his experience to enhance his effectiveness in leadership positions. Able to understand how changes to product and processes would flow through to the customer experience

Since moving into the consulting industry Simon has worked with a number of retail clients

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