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Management Information Health Check by Select Distinct

Management Information Health Check

Our Management Information Heath Check is….

An independent review of your people, processes and technology. To give you confidence that everything is working efficiently. To deliver you trusted management information

With actionable steps you can take to improve efficiency, accuracy and trust

Ensure you are getting the most out of your Management Information and Business Inteliigence

Do you have confidence in your management information?

Would an independent review of your management systems give you the peace of mind you need?

Our proven management information health check is an end to end review of your people, processes and technologies

Benefit from our experience

Our Management Information Health Check service is designed for directors looking for ways to improve their Management Information

Our service is delivered by Simon Harrison ACMA CGMA. Simon has over 30 years experience in senior positions within Morrisons and Sports Direct. Giving you peace of mind knowing that someone experienced will be helping. Helping you to improve your Management Information systems.

Simon Harrison Founder of Select Distinct Limited and a business intelligence expert

How the Management Information Health Check Works

Our end-to-end review covers people processes & technologies. So we are able to provide guidance on what needs improvement or updating, depending on what works best for you!

We also work hard to ensure that any changes made are secure & consistent as well as being easy understood by everyone involved in the process

Our experience of carrying out the health check services also generates quick wins

A great deal of benefit comes from getting your teams to focus and it is usual for valuable insights to appear in the first few days of the process


A thorough on-site review of people, processes and technologies

We dig into the detail of how your raw data is captured, processed, structured and reported


After our review. We provide a concise report, with performance scoring and benchmarking. Covering all relevant areas and show where improvements can be made


We support you with clear actionable steps.

To help you transform and address any areas of weakness through training. And a clear prioritisation of the critical path

Strong Returns for minimal investment

We keep our prices keen for the health check. With a typical engagement starting from just 15 days. This small investment gives strong returns and gives you the confidence to grow

References can be provided on request.

We have clients who initially engaged through a health check who now consider us a key trusted advisor

Management Information should be Future Ready, Available, Simplified and Trusted

The Benefits of our Management Information Health Check


We identify training needs and validate existing skills.

We suggest development opportunities and assessments and provide ongoing mentoring

Power BI Mentoring


We assess the efficiency and effectiveness of how the current systems are being used

Highlighting good and not so good practices


We look at the suitability of, and provide recommendations and best practices for the technology you already have

We don’t sell software, We are truly independent with our advice

Talk to us to see how we can help

So if you feel like your Management Information could be holding you back from reaching success then don’t hesitate get in touch with us today Contact us for a free initial consultation to find out more