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We provide a service-led solution for SMEs who want to take control of their data.

This results in:

Improved business performance and understanding

Confident decision-making from reliable data

Turning your small/medium sized company's data into insights and actions

Data Analytics is not just for the big players

Whatever size your business is you can be sure that getting the best from its data can help you grow from strength to strength

We work with a borad range of companies ranging in size from SMEs to Multinationals

Here will outline some of our recommended tools and approches that serve smaller business well


With Select Distinct as your data analytics consulting partner you get the benefit of years of big business experience. But with the flexibility to augment your team  with our skills as and when you need it

How you can benefit from our small business analytics consulting

We pride ourselves on being service led. Focusing on solutions and advice and sharing our knowledge, often without the need for you to buy any new technology

Our flexibility means that you can access skills and experience that you may not need the full in house cost of dedicated resources. We can train your people to become proficient in end to end business analytics from data to dashboards to decisions

We encourage your people to have a go, and if they get stuck they can ask us to help them over their hurdles


Data Analytics Tools for Small Businesses

You certainly dont need to spend enormous sums on technology. A lot of what we recommend here have tapered costs which have a low barrier to entry

If you have a website, then the Google tools are a must have and they are FREE

Google Analytics, Google Search Console. Use these tools to see which parts of your website are serving you with value and learn how to use the insights to grow further

Excel is a power house if you use it well and follow good disciplines. With some good design and thought you can turn disorganised data into really insightful reports and analysis

Power BI allows you to start free, with Power BI desktop. a fully featured business intelligence tool with features to ingest data, model it, present it and distribute it to users

These are just some examples of great SME data analytics tools that you can get started with and then grow from a solid base

With our small business data analytics support you can learn and grow safe in the knowledge that we can help you on your data journey

Why choose Select Distinct as your SME Data Expert?

  • We’re service led, rather than product-led
  • Registered Management Accounting practice
  • We specialise in Database Management for businesses wanting to get the most from their management accounting and analytics
  • We work directly with your employees to upskill your team