What is Business Analytics

What is business analytics

What is Business Analytics? Introduction: What is Business Analytics and why use it?  And to generate insights that can help improve business performance and decision-making. Business analytics can help businesses understand their current situation. Predict future outcomes, and prescribe optimal actions. Business analytics can be applied in different domains and industries. Such as marketing, finance, […]

Integrating Joblogic with Power BI

Integrating Joblogic with Power BI

Introduction Our client provides nationwide engineering maintenance services. They use Joblogic, a comprehensive field service management software, to track activity. In this blog we talk about Integrating Joblogic with Power BI. Field Management Software Field service management software improves efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of businesses. It helps them plan, schedule, invoice. Field service businesses, […]

Divide by Zero Errors

Divide by Zero header image

A common error that analysts experience is the divide by zero error This article explains across a range of platforms how to avoid these issues with simple logic to make sure the division by zero errors do not get in the way of analysis Why can we not divide by zero?   Dividing by 0 […]

Improve Payroll Efficiency

Improve Payroll Efficiency

Are you tired of your business spending hours on manually calculating overtime for your employees due to complex contracts? Do you wish there was a better way to automate and streamline your payroll process? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many businesses face challenges of managing complex payroll processes in a fast pace […]


Combine data with UNION in DAX

Using UNION in DAX is a third option to combine data for analysis in Power BI We recently showed how to do this in SQL UNION in SQL and how to do similar in Power Query APPEND in Power Query   It isn’t always possible to do this in SQL such as if the datasets […]