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Drag and Drop Field Names in SQL (SSMS)

Drag and Drop field names in SSMS cover

Drag and drop is a common and convenient way to move data and objects in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). With the object explorer, you can easily drag field names from a table.  Then drop them into a query window to quickly create a SELECT statement. How to drag and drop field names in SQL […]

Conditional Format a line chart in Power BI

Conditional Formatting a line chart in power bi cover

How to Conditional format a line chart in Power BI (This is a workaround to show you how you can conditional format a line chart in Power BI) Power BI does not at first seem to have an option to add conditional formatting to a line chart, but, there is a way to make it […]

Top 5 SQL Time savers of 2022

Top 5 SQL Timesavers videos for 2022 title screen

Here are our top 5 SQL Time saver videos on YouTube for 2022 based on the most watched Number 5 How to quickly add comma separators in SQL First published on 13th December 2022 This video demonstrates a free tool to add commas to a list of field values. The video shows this being used […]