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Top 5 SQL Time savers of 2022

Top 5 SQL Timesavers videos for 2022 title screen

Here are our top 5 SQL Time saver videos on YouTube for 2022

based on the most watched

Number 5

How to quickly add comma separators in SQL

First published on 13th December 2022

This video demonstrates a free tool to add commas to a list of field values.

The video shows this being used to good effect in Google BigQuery but can also be used very effectively in other SQL platforms

Number 4

Simple guide to Joins in SQL

A simple guide to Joins in SQL

Covering full join, inner join, left join and right join

This video presents simple explanations of each of these types of joins in an easy to understand visual way and all in under 2 minutes

Number 3

How to remove carriage returns and new lines in SSMS

This demonstrations show how to use standard edit and replace features to strip out special characters from the SQL editor window

Number 2

Published in November 2022

Here is a step by step guide to quickly debug SQL joins

If you follow this simple technique you will find errors quickly and easily,

we use this technique to systematically isolate which joins with the SQL are causing incorrect results to be returned

Suitable from beginner to experienced user, this video is easy to follow and easy to put into practice and it is easily used in a very broad range of SQL platforms

from SQL Server to Google BigQuery

At Number 1,
our most watched SQL Time-saver video over the last 12 months
Split a column in SQL

Have you ever needed to be able to split a column in SQL?

This simple example walks you through the steps involved using a column with a First and Last name

and shows you how to split these into two separate columns

Easy to follow and easily adaptable for other use cases, this video has been very popular this year

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