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At Select Distinct, we have the expertise and experience to help you leverage Azure Data Factory (ADF) for your data integration needs. Our team of Azure experts is dedicated to helping you streamline your data integration and transformation processes, enabling your business to achieve more with data. Explore our range of Azure Data Factory Consulting services designed to maximize your Azure Data Factory pipelines.

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Our Azure Data Factory Consulting Services

1. ADF Strategy and Roadmap Planning

– Assessment of current data integration capabilities

– Custom roadmap development for Azure Data Factory implementation

– Best practices and architectural advice for scalable solutions

– Design and deployment of data pipelines using ADF

2. Data Integration and ETL Solutions

– Integration of disparate data sources, including on-premises and cloud-based systems

– ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) process implementation

– Migrating and modernizing your existing SSIS packages to Azure Data Factory. Allowing you to take advantage of the cost savings, scalability, and performance benefits of the cloud.

– Assistance in migrating from traditional data warehouses to modern data lakes and warehouses

3. Data Lake and Warehouse Modernization

– Optimization and scaling of data storage solutions in Azure

– Implementing real-time data processing and analytics

– Monitoring and managing your data pipelines using the Azure Data Factory UI, Azure Monitor, and Azure DevOps.

4. Advanced Analytics and BI Integration

– Integration of ADF with Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks, Microsoft Fabric and other analytics tools

– Building and deploying machine learning models using ADF pipelines

– Designing BI solutions with Power BI integration for enhanced decision-making

5. Automation and CI/CD for ADF

– Implementation of DevOps practices for Azure Data Factory

– Automation of data pipeline deployment using Azure DevOps

– Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) setups for seamless updates and maintenance

– Optimizing and enhancing your data pipelines using best practices. This include data quality, data lineage, data security, and data governance.

6. Training and Support

– Custom training sessions for your team on Azure Data Factory

– Ongoing support and maintenance for your ADF solutions

– Performance tuning and cost optimization advice

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