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Show Values in Rows in Power BI

Show Values in Rows In a matrix in Power BI

This quick guide shows you how to show values in rows in the matrix visual in Power BI

The Matrix visual in Power BI is similar to a Pivot Table in Excel, but not quite as intuitive, which can lead to many users being frustrated by an apparent lack of a way to do something which is straight forward in Excel

Start with a simple Matrix Visual

We have a simple matrix with Category set as a row

And the values aggregating for Sales Amount and Order Quantity

Matrix Visual in Power BI

Power BI Matrix Visual Fields Settings

Now we need to apply a setting to change the positioning of the value fields

Make sure the visual is selected on the canvas by clicking on it

Then go to the Visualizations panel and click on the Format your visual icon

Format your visual Icon in Power BI

Scroll down to the Values Section and hit the chevron to expand the options

Format your visual options in Power BI

Then scroll down to the bottom of this section, and enable the option to switch values to rows option

Switch Values to Rows setting in Power BI

Your matrix visual now shows values in rows

A Matrix visual after adjusting the setting to show values in Rows in Power BI

Each Value field you add to the visual will add a new measure rows within each category

If you add a Sub Category to the rows beneath the Category the visual then shows a ‘+’ icon allowing you to expand down a level

Power BI Values in Rows with Subcategory collapsed

Clicking on the plus icon expands to show the subcategories

Power BI Values in Rows with Subcategory Expanded

Or, you can right click on the plus icon and select expand entire level to show all of the sub categories

Adjust the Alignment

By Default the stepped layout indentation is not too clear

To Increase the indent, go to format visual, row headers and options

Increase the value using the slider to at least 20 to make the visual easier to read

Adjust the stepped layout indentation in Power BI

After increasing this value to at least 20 the matrix is much clearer to read

Power BI Matrix showing values in rows

You now know how to switch values to rows in a matrix visual in Power BI

This Power BI Tip is one of those that is not immediately apparent

We often see users who are not aware of this setting who a struggling to find the way to set the matrix up as it needs to be

We hope you find this useful

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By Simon Harrison

Simon Harrison Founder of Select Distinct Limited and a business intelligence expert