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Boost Your Power BI with Essential External Tools

Power BI External Tools Tabular Editor, Dax Studio and ALM Toolkit

Power BI’s external tools work to enhance your development time. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best external tools for Power BI and how they can enhance your data analysis and reporting. The tools are generally designed to review and optimise the performance of data models. These tools are great way to […]

Optimal Data Import Methods in Power BI

Optimal Import methods Power BI

Power BI offers a range of data import methods. The traditional import methods of direct query and import are now the the latest import method of Direct lake. Each of these methods has its unique features, advantages, and best-use cases. In this blog, we will explore these methods in detail to help you choose the […]



DAX LOOKUPVALUE function is the subject of this blog. It is particularly useful for retrieving values from tables based on specific conditions. In this blog, we will explore the LOOKUPVALUE function, its syntax and use cases. We will also cover examples to help you leverage its full potential. This is similar to the Power BI […]

Comparing Year on Year in Power BI

Comparing Year on Year in Power BI

In an earlier post we showed you how to use SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR in power BI to compare data to the prior year The major shortfall of this is that the built in function matches the day of month and month, and does not properly reflect the day of the week If we show these with the […]

A Guide to Extracting Data from Joblogic

extracting data from joblogic

Following on from the blog last week I thought I’d write a similar guide to extracting data from Joblogic. Joblogic is a popular Field Service Management (FSM) software that helps facility management companies run their operations. FSM software is particularly useful for companies that provide services at the customer’s location. These companies are generally involved […]

How to Sync Slicers in Power BI

Sync Slicers in Power BI

This post explains how to sync slicers in Power BI, without any complex code Slicers are an excellent way to give your users the ability to explore data, allowing users to use the slicers to filter the data down to particular information of interest. But, if your data has different data sets with common values […]

Using Google Search Console Data in Power BI

Working with GSC data in Power BI

Google Search Console is a very powerful tool to measure SEO performance. This post highlights how with a little effort you can use Google Search Console Data in Power BI to create much more compelling dashboards It tracks a vast amount of really insightful data, but the reporting is limited The example below is the […]

Choosing the Right Paginated Reporting Tool

Pixel-Perfect Precision

Pixel-Perfect Precision: In the data realm, the importance of robust reporting tools cannot be overstated. Businesses rely on accurate, timely, and insightful reports to drive strategic decisions, identify trends, and measure performance. In the modern landscape there is lots of focus on interactive visualisation software. However what are the options the distribution and delivering of […]

Navigating Power BI Data Alerts

Navigating Power BI Alerts

Introduction Whilst reporting is a key component of any business, how do you respond to key changes. How do you ensure actions are generated when the data changes beyond the limits you set. As part of our Business Support Expert Services this can be a really efficient way to set up reports to monitor values […]

The Microsoft Fabric Offering

Microsoft Fabric

Introduction Microsoft Fabric, the unified environment launched in 2023 is now central to Microsoft’s data strategy. What is the Microsoft Fabric Offering? What is Microsoft’s competition to this software? What other unified environments are available. This blog aims to demystify some of these areas. What is the Microsoft Fabric Offering? Microsoft Fabric brings together multiple […]