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Pixel-Perfect Precision: Choosing the Right Paginated Reporting Tool

Pixel-Perfect Precision

In the data realm, the importance of robust reporting tools cannot be overstated. Businesses rely on accurate, timely, and insightful reports to drive strategic decisions, identify trends, and measure performance. In the modern landscape there is lots of focus on interactive visualisation software. However what are the options the distribution and delivering of highly formatted, […]

How and Why to Modernise Your Data Reporting

modernise your data reporting

This blog aims to discuss the how to modernise your data reporting from legacy reports. By legacy reporting we are referring businesses functioning with multiple disparate Excel reports. What are the benefits of moving? How do you go about moving? Why move from Legacy Reports? 1.      Improved Efficiency: Over our years of experience, we have seen many […]

Microsoft’s new direction – The release of Fabric


Microsoft Fabric has launched. What is it,  what does it mean for the rest of Microsoft’s Infrastructure and what questions are outstanding? This blog aims to give a brief overview of Microsoft’s new direction. With this release Microsoft aim to leverage the popularity of Power BI by putting this at the centre of Fabric. Power […]

Selecting Reporting and Visualisation Software

Selecting Reporting and Visualisation Software

Selecting Reporting and Visualisation Software   Selecting the correct reporting software for a data warehouse is an important decision that can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your system. A data warehouse is a central repository that allows you to store and analyse large amounts of data from a variety of sources. The […]

Our Top 5 Power BI Timesavers 2022

Top 5 Power BI Timesavers 2022

Here are our top 5 Power BI Timesaver videos on YouTube for 2022 Based on the most viewed, in reverse order, Number 5 Use conditional formatting in a line chart in Power BI Have you ever needed to use conditional formatting on a line chart in Power BI? Power BI does not have the option, […]

Data Visualisation Best Practice

Data Visualisation Best Practice Guide Cover

This is our data visualisation best practice guide it brings together some of our favourite tips and techniques to help you create better reports and dashboards Data Visualisation Best Practice Contents Have a PLAN Know your audience What type of dashboard? Data Types Use Appropriate Charts and Graphs Make best use of space Refine the […]