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Business Intelligence Consultancy

Our business intelligence consultancy approach

At Select Distinct, we know that all businesses have their own ways of working

When we work with you, we fit in to your way of working. Our approach is tailored to meet your needs and puts you the customer first

We call it ‘Agile by Nature’

Business Intelligence Support

Expert business intelligence support. Contact us for a free consultation and a no-obligation quote.

Business Intelligence Support

Our Outline Consultancy Process

We normally follow a five-stage consultancy process,

depending on the complexity of the project

Business Intelligence Consulting

Initial Meeting

We aim to understand your goals, your business, and your current data.


We will then develop a plan of action that will allow us to achieve these goals

Simon Harrison Founder of Select Distinct Limited and a business intelligence expert

Present Top-Level Plan

The next step is, we will take you through our action plan for the engagement.


This will give everyone involved clarity and an opportunity to ensure all needs are met.

This ensures that we are all able to achieve great outcomes for your business.

Develop Solutions

Being ‘Agile by Nature’ we like to work closely with your team, to bring them on the development journey with us,

Sharing our technical knowledge and learning from their knowledge of your business.

Our clients typically get the maximum value from this close working relationship and a great deal of extra value is gained for your team and the agility in approach shows with results delivered quickly


Training and Handover

We normally find that when we get close to the point of handover, when we have been working closely with your team they have picked up most of the knowledge and skills they need to take the new solution forward on their own

To supplement this and ensure success we provide documentation of the solution both technical and user based to help reinforce the understanding, we measure our success by happy clients that can operate without our input

Ongoing Support

After successful handover, we like to keep in touch, checking in that everything operating efficiently and effectively and that those that need it do have the knowledge.

Sometimes things happen, such as a key member of your team leaves the business taking knowledge with them. This is where we can come back to help if required, by keeping ourselves up to date with your business processes, should you find yourself short we can step in and provide support as and when its needed

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