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Direction of travel on a map in Power BI

Show direction fo travel on a map in Power BI

Can we show the Direction of travel on a map in Power BI? A global commodity trading client of ours had a requirement to create a dashboard that presented the latest locations and headings for a range of container ships This was part of a migration away from using Tableau, to using Power BI   […]

Connect BambooHR to Power BI: Streamlining HR Analytics

Connecting BambooHR to Power BI

Connect BambooHR to Power BI to get real time visibility of your HR data On a recent project a client had a requirement to connect BambooHR to Power BI. This blog seeks to share some of the steps and experience.   Getting Real Time Analytics Whilst the business was utilising BambooHR, a popular HR software […]


Combine data with UNION in DAX

Using UNION in DAX is a third option to combine data for analysis in Power BI We recently showed how to do this in SQL UNION in SQL and how to do similar in Power Query APPEND in Power Query   It isn’t always possible to do this in SQL such as if the datasets […]

APPEND data in Power Query

Combine data with APPEND in Power Query

Last week we looked at how to combine datasets in SQL using UNION UNION in SQL – Select Distinct This week, we are looking at using the same source data, but doing the combining in Power Query, via the transform options in Power BI It is not always possible to combine the data SQL, particularly […]

Connect Power BI to Google Big Query

Connect Power BI to Google Big Query

A Quick Guide to Connecting Power BI to BigQuery Power BI is a leading business intelligence platform, with powerful features for self service analysis BigQuery is a fully managed cloud based data warehouse platform for you to manage your data The great thing about both of these platforms is that they both have a really […]

Advanced Top N Filter Power BI

Advanced Top N filters in Power BI

The basic Top N filter in Power BI can be very useful, but if you need to show the values of the whole you will need to use an advanced Top N Filter This guide shows you how you can set it up If you use the standard top N filter you would see something […]

Custom Formats in Power BI

Custom Formats in power BI

Custom Formats in Power BI  allow you to create your own specific formats so that you are not limited to the pre-defined options that come as defaults Some organisations have specific standards for things such as date formats, these can be catered for using custom formats For example if you want your date formats to […]

TOPN in Power BI

TOPN measure in Power BI

Understanding TOPN in Power BI You have heard of the 80:20 rule (Pareto)? In the world of data analysis, having the ability to efficiently rank and prioritize information is crucial. This is where the TOPN function in Power BI comes into play. By utilizing this powerful ranking function, analysts and data professionals can gain valuable […]



How to Use SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR in Power BI SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR in Power BI is great way to simplify the analysis of year over year performance   One of the most common tasks in data analysis is to compare the performance of a business or a process over time. For example, you might want to see how your […]

Power BI Drill Through

Drill through in Power BI

Understanding Drill Throughs in Power BI and How to Use Them to Dig Deeper into Your Data Introduction: What is a Drill Through in Power BI and What Does It Do? Drill Through in Power BI is a powerful feature that allows users to explore their data in greater depth. It enables users to drill […]