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Explaining User-Defined Types in SQL Server?

User-Defined Types in SQL Server

Having recently stumbled on User-Defined Types (UDTs) in SQL Server. I thought I’d write a blog to explain what user-defined types are? Why you should you use them? This blog post delves into what UDTs are, why they are useful, and how to use them in SQL Server. What are User-Defined Types (UDTs)? In SQL […]

Azure Data Factory vs Logic Apps:

azure data factory vs logic apps

Key Differences and Cost Implications On a recent project I have been looking at whether to use Azure Logic Apps as an alternative to Azure Data Factory (ADF). This brought me to compare these 2 technologies. This blog aims to summarise key differences between Azure Data Factory vs Logic Apps. It also aims to discuss […]

Code vs No-Code Solutions

Code vs No-code solutions

In the data management landscape, businesses are seeking efficient and reliable solutions to store, process, and analyse their data. Two prominent approaches have emerged as frontrunners: traditional code-based solutions and the rising trend of no-code alternatives. It is crucial to understand the each approach to make informed decisions that enable you to drive your business […]

How and Why to Modernise Your Data Reporting

modernise your data reporting

This blog aims to discuss the how to modernise your data reporting from legacy reports. By legacy reporting we are referring businesses functioning with multiple disparate Excel reports. What are the benefits of moving? How do you go about moving? Why move from Legacy Reports? 1.      Improved Efficiency: Over our years of experience, we have seen many […]