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How to Sync Slicers in Power BI

Sync Slicers in Power BI

This post explains how to sync slicers in Power BI, without any complex code Slicers are an excellent way to give your users the ability to explore data, allowing users to use the slicers to filter the data down to particular information of interest. But, if your data has different data sets with common values […]

Split a column in BigQuery

How to split a column in BigQuery

This quick guide shows you how to split a column in BigQuery When working with text data, quite often you need to split a column or trim excess characters to clean the data This quick guide shows you how to it using URL data from Google Analytics GA4 to create separate columns for the Clean […]

Import XML in Excel

Create a refreshable site map in Excel

Importing XML data into Excel allows you to have a readily available data source that can be refreshed on Demand Once that data loaded into Excel you can use Excels features to explore, filter, sort or augment that data from other sources What is an XML file? An XML file is a plain text file […]

Azure Data Factory Best Practices and Tips

Azure Data Factory Best Practices

Data integration to drive their operations and make informed decisions. Microsoft Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a cloud-based data integration service. It is available as part of Azure and also as part of the Microsoft Fabric Offering. It offers a robust and scalable solution for managing, orchestrating, and automating data pipelines. However, getting the most […]

SQL Server Date Handling

date handling in SQL Server

Handling dates is one of the most challenging parts of data manipulation. In this blog we aim to describe some of the complexities of date handling in SQL Server. Data Types Prior to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 the only data types available were datetime or the smalldatetime. With the launch of SQL Server 2008 saw […]

Navigating Power BI Data Alerts

Navigating Power BI Alerts

Introduction Whilst reporting is a key component of any business, how do you respond to key changes. How do you ensure actions are generated when the data changes beyond the limits you set. As part of our Business Support Expert Services this was a problem we had to overcome. This blog aims to discuss the […]

How to Create Drop Down Lists in Excel

Drop Down Lists in Excel

The Drop down list in Excel is a useful feature that allow users to select an item from a list of options. They are commonly used in data entry to control what data is entered. And to ensure that users do not enter incorrect data, preventing some errors Creating a drop down list in Excel […]

Top SQL Tips for 2023

Top 5 SQL Tips and Timesavers 2023

Top SQL Tips and Timesavers for 2023 Highlighting our top 5 SQL tips for 2023 based on popularity   1. Our most popular SQL tip this year How to calculate running totals in SQL server why you would use them, and provides a breakdown of the syntax The article gives a step by step example […]

Top Power BI Tips for 2023

Top 5 power bi tips 2023

Here are our top Power BI tips for 2023 Highlighting our top 5 Power BI tips for 2023 based on popularity Our most popular Power BI tip this year   Show values in Rows in Power BI How to show values in rows in the matrix visual in Power BI. a step-by-step guide to change […]

Power BI KPIs

Power BI KPIs

Power BI KPIs – an overview Power BI KPIs can be a very powerful way to draw attention to specific key performance indicators What is a KPI? a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a way to measure performance against a target. These targets can be financial, strategic, operational or simply functional. The important point is […]