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Harnessing the Power of Streaming Data

Streaming Data

Streaming data has emerged as a critical component of modern data strategies. Streaming data refers to data that is continuously generated by various sources, these typically send data records in small sizes (such as bytes or kilobytes). This blog explores what streaming data is, why it’s important, its applications, and the tools used to manage […]

The Medallion Architecture Unveiled

Medallion architecture

Medallion architecture, a term increasingly recognized within the realms of data management and software development. It presents a compelling framework for building scalable, flexible, and efficient data platforms. This blog post explores the core concepts of medallion architecture, its benefits, and real-world applications. It aims to shed light on why it has gained popularity among […]

A Guide to Extracting Data from Joblogic

extracting data from joblogic

Following on from the blog last week I thought I’d write a similar guide to extracting data from Joblogic. Joblogic is a popular Field Service Management (FSM) software that helps facility management companies run their operations. FSM software is particularly useful for companies that provide services at the customer’s location. These companies are generally involved […]

Azure Data Factory vs Logic Apps:

azure data factory vs logic apps

Key Differences and Cost Implications On a recent project I have been looking at whether to use Azure Logic Apps as an alternative to Azure Data Factory (ADF). This brought me to compare these 2 technologies. This blog aims to summarise key differences between Azure Data Factory vs Logic Apps. It also aims to discuss […]

A Deep Dive into Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs)

Explore Slowly Changing Dimensions

Source systems are a treasure trove of historical information. Importing data in a data warehouse is a a key part of the gathering data for your business. But what happens when the very information within changes over time? How do you maintain historic data integrity and keep accurate analysis over time? The answer is Slowly […]

Azure Data Factory Best Practices and Tips

Azure Data Factory Best Practices

Data integration to drive their operations and make informed decisions. Microsoft Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a cloud-based data integration service. It is available as part of Azure and also as part of the Microsoft Fabric Offering. It offers a robust and scalable solution for managing, orchestrating, and automating data pipelines. However, getting the most […]

ETL vs. ELT: What’s the Difference?


Introduction As in any industry there is jargon but in the world of data searches for what is ETL and what is ELT leads to confusion. ETLs and ELTs are two data integration processes. Both are used to extract, transform, and load data from one or more sources into a target system. The target could […]

Difference between a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse

Data Lake v Data Warehouse differences between a data lake and a data warehouse

Data Lakes v Data Warehouses Data lakes and data warehouses are used for storing and managing data. They differ in their architecture, usage, and capabilities. In this blog, we will explore the key differences between a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse. To help you choose the one that best fits your needs. What is […]

Integrating Joblogic with Power BI

Integrating Joblogic with Power BI

Introduction Our client provides nationwide engineering maintenance services. They use Joblogic, a comprehensive field service management software, to track activity. In this blog we talk about Integrating Joblogic with Power BI. Field Management Software Field service management software improves efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of businesses. It helps them plan, schedule, invoice. Field service businesses, […]

Improve Payroll Efficiency

Improve Payroll Efficiency

Are you tired of your business spending hours on manually calculating overtime for your employees due to complex contracts? Do you wish there was a better way to automate and streamline your payroll process? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many businesses face challenges of managing complex payroll processes in a fast pace […]