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Import XML in Excel

Create a refreshable site map in Excel

Importing XML data into Excel allows you to have a readily available data source that can be refreshed on Demand Once that data loaded into Excel you can use Excels features to explore, filter, sort or augment that data from other sources What is an XML file? An XML file is a plain text file […]

Dropdown Lists in Excel

Drop Down Lists in Excel

Dropdown lists in Excel are a useful feature that allow users to select an item from a list of options. They are commonly used in data entry to control what data is entered. And to ensure that users do not enter incorrect data, preventing some errors Creating a drop down list in Excel Step by […]

APPEND data in Power Query

Combine data with APPEND in Power Query

Last week we looked at how to combine datasets in SQL using UNION UNION in SQL – Select Distinct This week, we are looking at using the same source data, but doing the combining in Power Query, via the transform options in Power BI It is not always possible to combine the data SQL, particularly […]

Format Painter in Excel

Format Painter in Excel

What is Format painter in Excel Format Painter is a tool in Excel that allows you to copy formatting from one cell or range of cells and apply it to another cell or range of cells. This can save you time when you want to apply the same formatting. For example, if you have a […]

How to use Transpose in Excel

How to use TRANSPOSE in Excel

What is the TRANSPOSE function in Excel The TRANSPOSE function in Excel enables users to easily switch between vertical and horizontal ranges of cells. It is used to rearrange data so that it can be more efficiently read and analysed. With its versatility, the function assists with quickly converting two-dimensional cell ranges without having to […]

How to use Power Pivot in Excel

How to use Power Pivot in Excel

Part 2 – Excel Power Pivot How to use Power Pivot for data modelling and analysis   What is Power Pivot in Excel It is a cutting-edge data modelling technology that empowers you to create data models, establish relationships, and perform calculations with ease. With Power Pivot, you can efficiently work with large data sets, […]

How to use Power Query

How to use Power Query in Excel

How to use Power Query and Power Pivot for data modelling and analysis Whilst Power BI is known for its advanced data modelling and ability to transform data.  You may not know that many of these functions are available in Excel. These Blogs aim to give you the knowledge or skills to use these, namely […]

GETPIVOTDATA Function in Excel


useUsing the GETPIVOTDATA Function in Excel to add flexibility to your Data Analysis & Reporting   What is GETPIVOTDATA and How Can It Help You? The GetPivotData function in Excel provides users with the ability to return specific data points from a pivot table, Think of it like a specialised lookup mechanism that can find […]

How to filter in Excel

How to Filter in Excel title screen

Filters are a powerful tool in Excel that can help you quickly organize and analyze large data sets. With filters, you can easily find the information you need without having to manually search through thousands of rows of data. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to filter in Excel so that you can take […]

How to create Pivot Tables in Excel

How to create Pivot Tables in Excel

This quick guide shows you how to create pivot tables in Excel   What is a Pivot Table   Pivot tables are an incredibly powerful tool in Microsoft Excel, providing a dynamic and intuitive way to analyse, summarize, and manipulate large amounts of data. By using a drag-and-drop interface, users can quickly and easily create […]